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Our advantages are to produce prototypes & low quantity productions, Including CNC,3D printing, sheet metal Casting, silicone mold making, (reaction injection molding), and Full assembling. Shenzhen Kaier Wo Prototyping Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most experienced professional prototype manufacturers in China. We are specialized in providing Product Design Development Services from the concept to the production and export of quality products at competitive price.
Kaier Wo can provide such services as SLA/SLS Rapid Prototyping, CNC prototyping (Plastic and Metal), Vacuum Casting, Low Volume Manufacture and plastic injection molding, painting,UV, Logo silk printing and laser.

Kaier Wo is specialized in making many kinds of models, including Automobiles/Motorcycles, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Aerospace, ships, toys, etc.

Kaier Wo has advanced device support: 2 sets of SLA machines from 3Dsystems in America, 10 sets of CNC machines from FANUC in Japan, 4 sets of Vacuum Casting machines, 6 sets of CNC engraving and milling machines from China, 5 sets of Milling machines, 3 sets of Lathe machines, 5 sets of Sparks machines and devices for sheet metal manufacturing and inspection. Kaier Wo is recognized as one of the most advanced suppliers of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing services in China.
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